Normally, reporting of the Olympics centres around the colours gold, silver and bronze. This year green came into the picture as well.


There is scarcely a sport which attracted so much media attention as the swimming, for overnight the diving pool changed colour. Blue became green.


Aqua Generator System DA-GENIt was quickly obvious that there were algae growing there. Something was not right with the water treatment.


It is imperative that the interaction of pool hydraulics, flocculation and filtration, disinfection and oxidation, together with fresh water replacement are in harmony, if you want pools with crystal-clear, drinking-quality water.


This is what Dryden Aqua wants and can provide. That is why the company has further developed its tried and tested Dryden Aqua Integrated System (DA-SY).


As well as the highest level of filtration and flocculation, the Dryden Aqua Generator (DA-GEN) provides disinfection and oxidation.


The complete solution is called DA-SY+, a control unit which is both modern and easy to operate. It regulates the pH value and free chlorine, drives the circulation pumps at three different speeds, automatically back flushes the filter and monitors the whole process wirelessly.


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Discovered at PISCINE GLOBAL 2016 in LYON