Reckoned to be the most efficient and robust manual pool cleaning system on the market, the ‘Fairlocks’ has been a best seller around the world for over 35 years.

The product’s streamlined shape helps to speed up cleaning, while the centrally mounted 19in. brush enables the vacuum head to collect even the solid debris that would likely be left behind by less capable systems.


fairlocks cleaner

The Fairlocks is claimed to be equally effective in pools of any shape, size and finish – whether private or commercial – and due to its rigid construction it can be used in pools with ½hp pumps or higher.


For ease of installation, there is the option of 1½ or 2in. hose fittings. For really large pools, the system can be ‘doubled up’ by using a metal yoke to mount two Fairlocks side by side.


The double Fairlocks is over 3ft wide and at a flow rate of over 40 gallons/min will clean one square yard per second.