Aquavia Spa presents its new Wave and Sunset models. The two Hot Tubs share the same interior hot tub design and have different cabinet finishes.


The Wave Hot Tub, which is part of its Exclusive range, comes with a luxury exterior design, a white Solid Surface finish combined with an Enigma HPL colour finish. The cabinet has built-in lighting and a modern design, making this Hot Tub a decorative feature (Pure Line Ligthing option).
Spa Wave
The Sunset Hot Tub comes with cabinet finishes from the Premium range: a screwless cabinet with an exclusive design and three different colour finishes. This Hot Tub also comes with the stainless steel bar.
The Hot Tub’s interior has been designed to offer the user maximum mobility, it is smoothly shaped and offers different tub depths. This feature offers the bather countless options inside the Hot Tub: they can sit down or lie down. 
Inside, both Hot Tubs have the same ergonomic and hydromassage features: plenty of space inside and six positions with different massages. 
The hydromassage circuit
The Hot Tub has 6 different positions, equipped with a total of 68 jets, meaning that it can treat every part of the body: back, arms, legs and feet. The air massage provided by the 12 air nozzles allows the back muscles to relax, providing a feeling of relaxation and release.
A complete lighting system with LED lights creates the perfect environment for chromatherapy sessions. 
Exclusive options
The new Sunset model comes with a professional massage option: Flexible Massage, the new sequential massage which the user can enjoy through one of the Hot Tub’s seats. The Flexible Massage option is installed on one of the Hot Tub’s seats with massage jets connected to a device that runs along the back and legs. The user can select up to 10 different preset programmes and set the travel speed.
intérieur de la cuve