To offer professionals a solution for simplifying the installation and maintenance of projectors, CCEI proposes an ultra-compact, all-purpose niche that is able to hold a large reserve of cable, something that is often lacking during maintenance work. 


niche Brio



It is therefore not necessary to empty the pool to take out the projector for repair or for changing its bulb. 


Thanks to its ingenious bayonet fixing system, the Brio niche can accommodate two different sizes of LED projectors; both large and mini projectors can thus be combined in a single housing.


It has been designed to suit any type of pool, regardless of its surfacing: tiled, liner, panelled structure, etc. Furthermore, its compact size - 140 mm thick and 125 mm in diameter - limit cutting into the walls during installation.


To make installation even easier, CCEI also provides tools such as a clamping key for the gland and mounting key for projector. This niche offers professionals an alternative that combines ingenuity, savings in space, and easy installation.



niche Brio


projecteur mini Brio