OXYMATIC Smart® offers ecological water treatment, coupled with automatic and comprehensive management of pool functions. It allows to enjoy safe water, safe for health and the environment, and it uses very little energy or chemical oxidants.


Oxymatic Smart



Its patented green technology treats water by using the water molecule itself to obtain a very powerful disinfectant, Hydroxyle Ion (OH¯), through hydrolysis.


Case studies from the real world conducted in pools for public use, before and after installation of the system, showed a significant reduction in the consumption of chlorine, pH reducers, replacement water and energy.


In a swimming pool that is disinfected by the hydrolysis system, which generates a high redox potential, the addition of chemical oxidants is significantly reduced. In terms of power consumption, it is said to be lower than other disinfection systems. Its automatic comprehensive management system optimizes all the functions of the pool (pH, circulation, filtration, disinfection, heating, lighting, etc.) and the water parameters can be controlled remotely in real time through its app for iPhone, Android or PC. The installers are thus able to provide better service and decrease the number of emergency responses.