Mondial Piscine offers a new shape in pool floors, the Convivi'ô angled slope. A fully industrialized system, this slope has the advantage of providing the pool with a real flat floor all along its width, as opposed to a floor in the form of a truncated pyramid.



schéma de la pente composée

The company created this floor to meet a growing demand for those who wish to find a solution to meet the needs of both parents and children.

Also, the floor will facilitate earthworks for swimming pool constructors,  as it requires just two excavations with even floors since the  1m panels that serve as transition between the two levels are pre-cut at the factory.

Moreover, with these two panel heights one would require only a standard 4-step staircase 1.20 metres high, making it more economical than having to construct a staircase of 1.50 metres!