With the Evergreen commitment, Clair Azur has a deep concern for the integration of clean energy in the design of its spas. This eco-citizen approach focuses on democratizing access to «green» technologies. This spa manufacturer has therefore introduced patented panels design for capturing solar energy. Clair Azur - energie solaire pour chauffer son spaAs everyone knows, solar energy is clean, inexhaustible and free.

The system consists of panels that harness the sun’s heat and retransmits it as and when it is needed. The water that is present inside the panels is heated and then flows into the basin.

This is a closed circuit system where the water is maintained at a constant temperature. This method, fully autonomous, can be adapted to existing installations and is suitable for all Clair Azur spas. The panels have a glass plate finish in designer style that is discreet. They contain a number of incrusted LEDs that create a decorative effect even at night.