Its name is Solitaire and it is designed, developed and produced by USSPA, an important European spa producers.

It is a “future” spa bringing innovations in 4 areas, including 3 patents. There are new materials used in combination with acrylic, Corian has never appeared on the spas before; there are movable parts on the seats allowing the user to stretch the spa seat depending on his height in order to assure maximum comfort.

The automatic spa cover is an ideal solution to cover or uncover it just by “pressing a button”.

Regarding electronics, a new software developed by USSPA with a 10,4” touch screen display brings a totally new dimension of spa control, including a system of intelligent water cleaning system. New functions of a new generation such as help guides, alerts and remote service access as well as spa use analysis are also integrated.
USSPA Spa solitaire