The new Legacy spa from de Clearwater Spas allows family seating for six people and comes with an array of amenities.

The new removable bistro table
Those include, in particular, a new removable bistro table which comes complete with cup holders and ice bucket holder. It is available on all of the Beachcraft Series.

This model also features two digitally illuminated waterfalls, a pop-water fan, cabinet mood lighting, aroma therapy and a MP3/iPod/FM docking station with speakers and a subwoofer.

It is possible to choose from nine spa shell colors, from a rich chocolate brown or a coastal gray. The award winning RIM cabinets are extremely resistant and among the best weather resistant and maintenance free cabinet system in the industry.

Spas among the most energy efficient

The spas from Clearwater Spas have up to an R-20 value and are certified to the California Energy Commision’s stringet Title 20 Energy Efficiency Standards.

In addition, the company is strongly committed to protecting the health of our environment and manufacturing energy efficient spas that help to conserve our natural resources.

The EcoSpray™ shell strength system produces no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) – helping to protect the health of the company’s air quality and employees. It uses 100% recycled ABS to fabricate the insulated floor systems.