Spa Infinity Its concept is ambitious and cannot be associated with the classical swimming-pool idea due to its design level, to the hand-made attention paid to details and to the use of natural materials. Its structural characteristics highlight these differences:
  • Disappearing infinity edges are made of natural Plima stone and present a minimal design discreetly combining water and stone surfaces.
  • The covering mosaic work is made of antique glass.
  • The Riverflow System is used for active training via countercurrent swimming.
  • The Hydro Chaise Longue has a backrest with 18 massaging nozzles.
  • The Tonic Jet has 6 special accessories applied on its walls to tone up the lumbar region and the lower limbs.
  • Bollicine party presents a delicate while effervescent champagne effect caressing the skin with a cloud of micro air bubbles.
  • Cromorelax presents a sophisticated led illumination.
Thanks to these features, Spa Infinity is able to meet all requirements of domestic wellness, pushing the limits of the common swimming-pool concept.

La Spa Infinity, Europool Italia La Spa Infinity, Europool Italia