American company Thermospa produces and markets a multipurpose spa which can seat 6 persons.

This innovating model named Olympian offers 3 different uses with only one device.

Fitness spa

Thanks to its adjustable seat and attachments for resistance bands, practising fitness and physical exercise becomes possible in the spa.

Sturdy attachments are provided at strategic locations to anchor a rowing machine and exercise bands that allow for a wide variance of resistance.

Aquatic therapy

The spa features an adjustable seat - the only one in the spa industry - where one can face in any direction and target therapy jets anywhere (knees, back, chest, etc). It is ideal for those seeking exercise or therapy no matter how tall or short they are.

The seat is padded for comfort and is easily removed. The convenient valves allow the user to control the intensity of the massage.

A relaxation and wellness area

By simply removing the adjustable seat the Olympian transforms into a relaxation and wellness area with a wide open bathing space. It offers two comfortable seats with built-in pillows, raised child seat, and a foot well that allows everyone to stretch out and relax.

The elegant cabinetry is maintenance free. It comes with several features to guarantee high level and very complete equipment:

  • Multicolour LED lighting (up to 16 programs)
  • Sound system
  • Patented automatic water purifier requiring very little chemicals
  • Soundproofed operation
  • Corian bar
  • Independant 50W pump with 9m3/h output
  • Continuous cast acrylic shell in a choice of 8 designer colors
  • ThermoBond underlayment
This economical, energy efficient and silent device comes with 20 years warranty on the shell.