Ocea voletBelgian company Ocea introduces a brand new automatic green tinted solar slat in its range of products entirely manufactured in its factory.

This new and innovative colour offers better harmony with nature and gets along very well with green or turquoise mosaics. Ocea is currently the only slat manufacturer offering this kind of colour.

The company was the pioneer of solar slat technology and is aware of the current need to save energy. Therefore all its solar slats help to reduce heating costs and, depending on weather conditions, can add up to 0.3kw per square meter of energy to the pool water (may vary according to geographical position and shading.)

Besides the green tint, a broad range of other colours is available on demand.

Aqua Technology provides the broadest range of colours in Ocea® covers, chosen to harmonise with the pool lining and surroundings.

3 photos de volets de piscine OCEA