Enjoy the elegant and professional light design which is available in several different beautiful colours and in two different sizes to match exactly your demand.
The small Slimlite Ø52 mm with 18 efficient diodes and the large Slimlite Ø83 mm with 51 diodes provide an ideal spread of light.

The compact housing and the slim front design in mirror finished stainless steel is ideal for installation in whirlpools, shower cabins as well as in spas and other applications.

A compact “through-hole” transformer is mounted on the cable and allows the installer to mount the light easily. The lights are supplied with front and rear seals. The light runs through a programme of single and mixed colours (green, red, and blue) in a therapeutically relaxing pattern.

All models include:
Transformer for 230V AC, 50Hz - Front and rear seals - Stainless steel housing and front.