In the design of Intellichlor, Pentair aimed to develop a salt electrolyser that is simple to use and offers both compact technology and reliability in service.

• Intelligent. An optical pen (Option) enables a maintenance engineer to read the complete history of the equipment on a computer and to make a sound diagnosis of its condition.

• Precise and simple to use. Active control of operation by coloured LED displays. Two levels of colour instantly indicate the status of the system, the concentration of salt in the water, the state of the cell (calcification), the rate of production of chlorine and the remaining life of the cell. Automatic polarity reversal prevents the build-up of scale.

• Economical. The operating cycle is adjustable (20% to 100% of each hour) as well as programming of the polarity reversal cycles, which prolongs the life of the cell to as much as 30,000h of use (cell guarantee 3 years or 8000h). Low salt concentration needed (3.5g/l).

• Durable. Moulded in a high-density resin, the electronic components are protected from humidity and the corrosive gasses emitted by the chemical products stored in the pump room. Also, to avoid any risk of breakdown caused by the transfer of heat between the transformer and the low-tension electronic components, these items are mounted on the cell, which is directly installed on the pipework and is cooled by the flow of water.

• Security. Automatic shut-down in case of low water temperature, low output, calcification of the cell or even over-dosage of salt.

• Available in 2 versions. For pools up to 80m³ (IC20) and pools up to 160m³ (IC40)

Connection to the IntelliTouch automatic control system enables remote control of the Intellichlor.