Dosing pump Pulse
Digital Display

Dosing pump Pulse
LED display


When designing the Pulse, Pentair wanted to develop a resistant dosing pump that is easy to use and able to handle all types of chemicals available on the market.

  • Precise and economical. The Pulse dosing pump is of the proportional electro-magnetic type: injection of the product is gradually reduced as the target value is approached but without ever exceeding it.
  • Practical and simple to use. Its digital or LED display provides a simple and reliable readout on the control panel.
  • Robust. The Teflon® body and PVDF head provide excellent resistance in all conditions. Guarantee 2 years.
  • Secure. All adjustments are password protected.
  • Complete. Pulse is delivered with an analysis probe, empty reservoir warning and innovative adhesive pick-up collars.
  • Available in two versions: 2 litres/h at 2 bars (LED display) and 10 litres/h at 1 bar (digital display) for pH and redox dosing.

By combining Pulse with the IntelliChlor electrolytic chlorine generator, you gain access to bathing comfort as well as to an exceptional degree of precision and security.

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