Justsalt duo+Pool treatment by saltwater chlorination & pH regulation

JUSTSALT Duo+ controls the two essentials for water disinfection: disinfectant production & automatic pH regulation. Your pool is free of chemical disinfectants all season long. With JUST JUSTSALT Duo+, the maintenance of your pool is no longer a hassle.

JUSTSALT Duo+ produces a powerful and efficient disinfectant by saltwater chlorination. From lightly salted water as 5kg/m3 (7 times less salty than sea water) JUSTSALT Duo+ manages on its own the disinfection of your pool.

Besides, JUSTSALT Duo+ regulates your pool pH level automatically. Thanks to its probe, which analyzes the water continuously and to the injection of the corrective pH agent, JUSTSALT Duo+ maintains the pH at an ideal level.(7 to 7.2)


+ 1 single model for pools up to 100m3 in temperate climates & 80m3 in hot climates.
+ Ready to use comes with its chlorination cell, its accessories holder, its factory calibrated pH probe and its analysis kit.
+ Adjustable production by digital pad from 0 to 99%.
+ Self cleaning by progressive polarity inversion.
+ Adjustable polarity inversion from 0 to 24 hours according to water hardness.
+ Proportional pH regulation with adjustable set point from 6.8 to 7.6.
+ Permanent digital display of your pH and production percentage.
+ 2 lights: green indicates correct operation/ red indicates a malfunction.
+ Alarms for chlorination: water shortage/no flow/low salt level/low temperature/scaled or deteriorated cell.
+ Alarms for pH regulation: low or high pH/pH overfeeding.
+ BOOST mode for a super chlorination for 24 hours.
+ Pool cover function to modulate the chlorine production according to the pool cover position.
+  Works for all salt concentration from 2.5kg/m3
+  Disinfectant production: up to 24 g/hr
+  Compatible with all filtration systems and pool surfaces
+  Installation on new or existing pools.
+  In line cell assembly without orientation hassle.
+  Materials & accessories guaranteed 2 years from date of purchase. (except pH probe).

Option: pH probe guaranteed 1 year
Option: Hydraulic grounding kit to eliminate any electrostatic charge.
Option: automatic cover kit
Option: Independent flow sensor captor
Option: Short cell (165mm) for small installation areas
Option: Empty can alarm for pH correcting agent