Products and equipment

Sand filter
The Slovenian manufacturer of filters Technol has unveiled on Interbad in Stuttgart the prototype of a top quality commercial sand filter with a 1.600mm diameter.
Sand filter
The sand filter MTI 500 Group Procopi is easy to install. It comes with a 6-way multiport valve integrated in the filter lid and its transparent waste union acts as a sight glass to monitor water turbidity.
New LED lamp for swimming pools
The new PAR 56 TKW® POWER is the first LED lamp that can replace completely the traditional PAR 56 300 W as well for the model as for the light-output. With 32 high-power LEDs, a power consumption of only 71VA (65 Watt) and a light-output of 2500 lumen (minimum), the PAR
The electronic cleaner
Advanced by International Caratti, a 12 Volt electronic cleaner powered via a 25 metre-long cable complete with floats...
Automatic pool cleaner
Idea is an automatic pool cleaner with special self-learning mode: it can choose the right working program by itself for the entire pool.A radio control unit available optionally allows manual setting of the parameters.
Energy save mode with Besgo and AS Control Plus
Overflow pools have one major drawback – the energy losses resulting the overflow channel. The company Aquasolar offers a solution to that problem. By installing a Besgo 3-way valve and an AS Control Plus Controller you can determine whether the pool water flows via the overflow channel
High performance Pentair pump for swimming pool
SuperFlo™ is a pump that meets all the criteria for a superior pool, spa or water feature pump thanks to its Pentek motor. It is highly energy-efficient, quiet due to superior internal flow design that reduces hydraulic noise and very easy to maintain.
Single-dip tests for free chlorine
The AquaChek Pro 5-way test strips and AquaChek Silver 7-way test strips both feature a new 20ppm colour block for free chlorine.
Ecological water treatment
Eotec is a company which is willing to preserve the environment and has developed solutions to enjoy swimming pools water in serenity. After setting up its key product, namely Ecoswim, the brand then developed its concept and adapted it to the specificities of spas to create Ecospa.
Butterfly valves
Turkish manufacturer Tüm Plastik Ltd presents the Nozbart «butterfly» valves, an economical choice for high flow rate applications requiring strength, safety and impermeability.
Intelligent module for chlorinators by Pool Technologie
French company Pool Technologie launches Simpleo, an intelligent module for chlorinators which offers great comfort. This system controls independently the optimal filtration time according to the water temperature and also carries out the preparation of the pool at the beginning of the season
Pool enclosure with detachable front
Eureka, the French company specialising in the manufacture of swimming pool enclosures, is adding a new product to its already vast range: a system using a detachable front. This is made up of suspended panels, mounted on rollers, which allow for easy opening and shutting of the enclosure.
Automatic pressure cleaner
Combining strength, performance and design, the new Polaris 3900S pool robot integrates an original technological platform. Its elegant appearance, of dynamic aqua conception, combined with its 3 motorised wheels equipped with large «Wide Trax Tyres» contribute to its high performance.
Water colours for pool and Spa Water
AQUAcouleur™ is the first non-permanent hypoallergenic water colour for use in Spas, pools and fountains. It is the product of many years of research the GACHES CHIMIE laboratories, which have been working together with the C.N.R.S pharmacological service and a dermatologist.
Subtle essential oils
The essential oils contained in Camylle’s “Velours de Spa” emulsion, are completely soluble in any cosmetic alcohol solution, making it an extremely versatile product. It is perfectly adapted for use in Spas and swimming pools, as it evaporates without a trace.