OmeoNo matter where you are, stay informed of your pool's water quality. Omeo provides you with access to all of the information regarding your pool's water quality, in real time, without having to go to the edge of your pool.

On the wireless display, pool owners are able to check the following from the inside of their homes:
  • the pH level: acidity (0 to 7) or alkalinity (7 to 14)
  • conductivity: water aging (without an electrolyser) or salt level (with an electrolyser)
  • RedOx: disinfectant concentration (chlorine, bromine, active oxygen...)
  • the water temperature and water level
  • the air temperature and the ultraviolet ray index.
So-Blue now includes Soft-Blue software, which allows you to send emails containing information about the pool via an internet connection.

soblueThe software is a free download for Omeo owners. Users just have to connect the remote display unit to a PC (with the supplied USB cable), and all of the data will display on the computer screen.

Through the settings menus, it is possible to organise the periodicity, the alert thresholds and the email recipient list (3G phone compatible).
For quick reading, a summary at the end of each email allows you to detect any abnormalities.

  • It allows absent pool owners to stay informed, in real time, of any possible irregularities in the pool's parameters.
  • It allows pool professionals to see, every morning for example, the condition of their clients' pools so as to optimise their pool maintenance operations.