Products and equipment

Spa 775
The space allocated to six users of spa 775 of Clair’Azur ensures moments of relaxation for the whole family. It has two special beds: one has been especially made, after research, for the woman and it takes into account a smaller build and offers soft and relaxing massages; while the other one...
A spa for 4 seasons
Clair’Azur launches its new range of shelters «Clair abri». This patented system, manufactured in France, represents a real innovation in the field of spa shelters.
Family-size spa
Cryogenic treatment
A professional quality cleaner
Polaris 480 combines design and performance and is ideal for swimming pools of bigger dimensions.
Modular cover
The asymmetrical Modul’Abri® cover Atrium offers more than 50% usable floor area; a conventional, mid-height cover offers less than 20%.
Starline combines ozonator and ionisator for your pool
Swimming is more enjoyable if the pool water is clean and sparkling, preferably without chemical sanitizers. So Starline proposes a combination of ozonator and ionisator.
Pegasus turns up the heat
The new high-capacity Pegasus 200 floor-standing dehumidifier Heatstar is claimed to be ideal for small-to-medium size pool or spa projects, especially where it is not possible to use a ducted system.
Fast and handy
A rust-proof shutter
Abriblue is the European leader in the field of swimming-pool cover. It has concentrated on the research of special high-tech materials that are completely resistant to corrosion.
Poolblox technology for the construction of concrete pools
It is high density foam polystyrene manufactured prefabricated article very resistant and without impurities.
Net’Skim®, celebrates its 10 years!
On this occasion Toucan Productions offers a promotion and offers a Net’Skim for buying a box of twelve! Net’Skim® is a real prefilter (200-250 microns) for all skimmer baskets.
Water Lily® absorbs greasy substances
The patented WATER LILY® Toucan Productions ively absorbs oily or greasy substances (oils, sun creams, pollution and so on) found on the surface of the water in your swimming pool.
New Range of Edecci Spas
Edecci have launched a new range of spas and complementary spa accessories.
The Italian company Aquatech is in the process of lauching Froggy on the market, the first robot and electromechanic cleaner for swimming-pools.