Products and equipment
Elegant and inconspicuous - the new heat pump Z400
The latest innovation from Zodiac impresses with its elegant appearance and first-class technical equipment. With its unique design, the Z400 heat pump fits elegantly into the environment of the swimming pool and impresses with a straightforward design in two available color options of the metal...
Hugo Lahme presents LED generation 3.0 - much more powerful and efficient
Hugo Lahme GmbH presents some interesting news to interested trade visitors. Regarding to the permanently development of the LED technology the generation 3.0 will be shown. This generation is much more powerful and efficient and it is even available in RGBW and made out of stainless steel.
FlexiTester: A new generation of pooltesters
The new FlexiTester by Water-i.d. keeps the user more than flexible. The tester itself is used like a regular pooltester. Water is scooped, a tablet is added and the water develops a color. Other than with a pooltester, where the color is compared to a chart, the FlexiTester is provided with color...
Several choices to enjoy the well-being
The Italian company, CPA Srl, offers three products dedicated to well-being for the new season.  Together with the Blue Vision mini pool, that includes counter-current swimming and hydro-massage sections, it has added MEDITERRANEA to its line of aboveground pools and the Yui completes its range...
ASTEL LIGHTING, the illumination of the living spaces
Illumination is as important as other interior equipment, if not even more... The illumination of the living spaces has an important impact on the atmosphere and ambient in a home. The high quality lighting provides good visibility while it makes the living space more architecturally completed.
“Premium Clean Profile” blade performance
Launched on the market three years ago, these polycarbonate, anti-algae, solar blades from T&A are produced using tri-extrusion technology. This new profile, which is highly shock resistant, reduces the formation of algae to a minimum and enhances user safety.
Manga+, the cordless robotic pool cleaner
The Manga+ is an innovative, competitively-priced robotic pool cleaner designed to clean above-ground and in-ground pools with a flat bottom and all surface types. Debris such as sand, leaves, and twigs is collected in a spacious compartment and contained with an easy-to-wash stainless steel...
Pavements, borders and stone claddings
Fabistone is a reference in the manufacture of products in reconstituted natural stone and specialized in the production and commercialization of pavements, borders and stone claddings. In the market since 2004, it has assumed a status of relevance in the market section. 
An additional function to control PC DYNAMICS remotely
dinotec has developed an attractive additional feature for the popular PC DYNAMICS measuring, regulating and dosing system. All versions in the new generation of device series are supplied with an integrated webserver as standard. This enables remote operation from any end device, for example, a...
 Tintometer enlarges the range of its pH-sensors
Tintometer can look back over a history of over 130 years of success. In the market for many years means being virtually forced having much to offer: many features, many advantages and much service. Tintometer is living up to this aspiration.
Smart control creating smart spas!
Wellis brand is known around the world for its premium quality spas integrating innovative solutions. Its latest smart solution has been developed to provide a practical and up-to-date technology experience to the users.
Technology: SOLAR-RIPP® HPRL design – a lot of benefits
By opting for the new model of connector with HPRL design, clients can benefit from two SOLAR-RIPP® advantages. On the one hand, there is a technical advantage: this type of connection is suitable for all types of installation and guarantees improved degassing in the solar circuit due to...
The Silenplus pump remotely managed on a smartphone
The commitment to the preservation of the environment has been one of ESPA's core pillars for many years, with in particular the design of more sustainable products. The Silenplus pump has been developed as a result of the company’s values: to provide efficient, sustainable and high-quality...
New PureStart pre-filters for pools and spas
The new Pleatco PureStart disposable sediment filter cartridges are made from unique melt-spun filtration technology for perfect depth filtration. The cartridges attach to a garden hose and capture dirt particles filtering the water before it enters into a spa or a pool.
New flexible spiral hose with double protection
Swimming pool installation can present one critical issue: water leakage on the hose system, meaning a lot of time and efforts to identify the problem and to fix the damage (expensive). Thereby FITT developed a new and reliable swimming pool hose: FITT B-Active. This new flexible spiral hose for...