Claudio Bonfati Proteus export manager
Proteus Export Director,
Marketing Division of A&T Europe

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ESPN: Mr Bonfanti, what are the objectives of your marketing strategy for 2010?

Claudio BONFANTI: We have decided this year to further increase our communication with swimming-pool professionals, in particular in France, Spain and the UK – all highly developed and demanding markets.

However, that is not to undervalue all the other European markets – above all, the emerging ones – where we are implementing an individual marketing strategy for each country.

Our aim is to bring to the attention of all operators in this sector the huge advantages that Proteus technology can offer with its range of high-quality prefabricated pools, and encourage them to take on our products.

We are also expanding our export activities, with a planned presence at almost all trade shows and in related sectors (construction, landscaping, etc). Our existing partners are growing with us, and are actively contributing to the development of our commercial presence.

ESPN: What are the prospects for the UK market?

Claudio BONFANTI: In the UK, we are anticipating a particularly good impact, thanks to a new local partner joining the already strong Proteus UK team. From 1 January, Tim Bareham of Cresta Leisure has been supporting Nigel Brawn of Young Leisure – a current partner, and founder of the existing distribution network.

I am sure that Nigel and Tim, bolstered by their significant and recognised experience in the swimming pool sector, will provide an extremely significant contribution to the promotion of our product, and will quickly make Proteus technology a market leader.