The Swimming Pool International Podcast is animated by Michael Visser, Export Manager at Schmalenberger, and Angela Herrmann, International Sales Manager at Behncke. Here is the 6th episode.

Stainless-steel pool - a class of its own 

Summary of the podcast: High-quality stainless steel pools are becoming increasingly popular. This is not only due to the modern, timeless look of the material and its simple elegance, but also to the unique features of stainless steel, such as frost, heat and UV resistance. However, its greatest advantage is its durability, and a new trend are Mini- stainless steel pools- pure luxury in a small space. Angela and Michael found out more about this from Martin Bednar, Managing Director Sales at Diamant Unipool, s. r. o. in Czech Republic, in their 6th podcast

If you missed the previous podcasts, they are still online here

Diamant Pool

Stainless steel Diamant pool