The British Swimming Pool Federation (BSPF) announces the new President, Dyfed Thompson-Smith, from Astralpool UK. The formal handover occurred during the annual Wet Leisure Industry Gala Evening during SPATEX 2024.

Dyfed Thompson-Smith, new President of The British Swimming Pool Federation

The ceremonial exchange of the presidency, witnessed by industry leaders and distinguished guests, symbolises continuity, leadership, and a commitment to advancing the interests of the swimming pool and hot tub community in the United Kingdom.

The BSPF would like to thank Pete Grinnall from Complete Spas for his two-year term as President (from 2022 to 2023). Pete Grinnall expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve the BSPF and reflected on the organisation's achievements during his presidency, including the work to raise industry standards and promote equity, diversity, and inclusion. He conveyed his confidence in Dyfed Thompson-Smith's ability to lead the BSPF over the next few years.

Incoming President acknowledged the responsibility bestowed upon him and affirmed his dedication to championing the interests of the BSPF during his tenure for the term spanning 2024 to 2025. He emphasised collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity as pillars of his presidency, aiming to drive growth and excellence within the industry. Dyfed Thompson-Smith's: "I am deeply honoured to assume the role of President of the BSPF. I am committed to fostering an environment of collaboration and progress, where our members' voices are heard, and the industry continues to thrive."

BSPF Managing Director Chris Hayes reaffirmed the organization's commitment to promoting excellence, safety, and sustainability in the wet leisure industry across the United Kingdom under Dyfed Thompson-Smith's leadership. "I thank Pete Grinnall for his dedication and effort as BSPF President throughout his term. Pete will continue serving the BSPF as the Immediate Past President. He is also Vice-Chair on the BISHTA Committee and an established member of the BISHTA Technical Committee".