Fluidra has announced the launch of its pioneering venture capital fund, Fluidra Ventures, with an investment of 20 million euros. This corporate venture capital fund aims to spearhead innovation within the pool and wellness  industry.

Fluidra invests 20 million euros to lead innovation in the pool and wellness sector

Fluidra Ventures is set to invest in startups with solutions that have the potential to revolutionize the global market. The focus will primarily be on startups in the United States and Europe, with a goal to establish a robust portfolio of innovative companies over the next three years.

The fund will seek out initiatives that enhance efficiency, connectivity, sustainability, and safety in the swimming pool and wellness sector, utilizing technologies such as IoT, computer vision, and robotics. It is looking for startups with innovative business models that directly engage with customers through sales, subscriptions, and other channels will be prioritized.

Already, Fluidra Ventures has made its first investment in Coral Smart Pool, a technology company leveraging Artificial Intelligence to enhance pool safety. Additionally, the fund will support companies driving advancements in engineering and science to improve materials and products related to swimming pool manufacturing, efficiency, and maintenance.

Fluidra Ventures is structured around four key segments: Commercial, Residential, Wellness, and Mass Market and has an investment thesis comprising eight strategic guidelines, including connected pools, resource optimization, digital platforms, innovative materials, security systems, personalized experiences, robotics, and innovative consumable products.

The initiative is fueled by Fluidra Lab, the company's open innovation division. Startups interested in seeking investment from Fluidra Ventures can submit their proposals via email to [email protected]. Apart from financial support, Fluidra aims to offer strategic collaboration opportunities to startups, leveraging its industry leadership, resources, scale, expertise, and sales options.

Eloi Planes, Fluidra's Executive Chairman, expressed enthusiasm for the venture: "This initiative joins several others that we have at Fluidra to promote innovation in our industry. This is why here at Fluidra Ventures we're excited about the transformative potential that this venture will have for the pool and wellness industry, driving forward innovation, sustainability and technological advancement".