is preparing 3 special editions for Italy, Benelux and Switzerland/Austria. 3 journals not to be missed for the first quarter of 2024. To increase and develop your business in these markets,  contact us to find out all the details.

Special editions to target the swimming pool and wellness professionals in Europe

Increase your visibility and strengthen your digital communication

Several editions of are waiting for you at the start of 2024, so you can communicate effectively to a targeted audience:

  • The EuroSpaPoolNews Special ITALY 2024 (in Italian) - February 2024: 1,500 copies handed out at the FORUMPISCINE 2024 trade show (Bologna) + a digital version sent out to over 1,500 subscribers
  • The EuroSpaPoolNews Special BENELUX 2024 (in French and Dutch) - March 2024: 1,500 copies sent to pool, spa and wellness professionals in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and northern France + a digital version sent out to over  8 800 subscribers. 
  • The EuroSpaPoolNews Special Switzerland/Austria 2024 (in German, Italian and French) - April 2024: sent to more than 1,000 professionals in the Pool, Spa & Wellness market in Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein, as well as neighbouring French, German and Italian departments + a digital version sent out to over 12,000 subscribers

Contact us to optimise your visibility for your new features, your flagship product or any news from your company and to target your communication better by featuring in these editions or to discover everything we have to offer.

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