Faced with the new challenges of the sector, the show today offers a new perspective for its new edition, which will be held from November 19 to 22, 2024 at Lyon-Eurexpo. 

Piscine Global 2024 : Feel the new shapes of water

Piscine Global unveils a reinvented positioning through this new baseline: Feel the new shapes of water, with a new modernized graphic identity. Florence Rousson, Director of the GreenTech+ Division of GL events Exhibitions Operations, introduces this new edition.

How does this new edition under the banner Dive into the new era of swimming pools and well-being look?

Florence Rousson: Organized in collaboration with the FPP, Piscine Global 2024 is a real call to action for those who, like us, wish to imagine the future of the sector. Witnessing the rapid evolution of the world around us, we embrace change with enthusiasm and believe that innovation is the driving force behind the transformation towards a more sustainable future.
Beyond being a meeting point, discovery and learning point, Piscine Global is a collective which works all year round to build the contours of a more responsible, more human world, in which pleasure and reasoned use of energy and water go together.

So the show takes on a more ambitious purpose?

Florence Rousson: Yes. It is about taking action to build a positive, even optimistic world, in which everyone dares to look to the future with confidence and hope, creating in its wake ideas and vocations that give rise to projects.
Our commitment to future generations is unwavering and we believe that every individual and every business has a role to play.

The message you want to send to professionals in the sector 9 months before the show?

Florence Rousson: Join us and become an actor in the transformation of our sector. Come and feel the power of a sector in movement.