RENOLIT ALKORPLAN was present at the opening ceremony of the 2023 Special Olympics, for people with intellectual disabilities or multiple disabilities, which took place at the Berlin Olympic Stadium between 17 and 25 June. 

The ALKORPLAN2000 reinforced membrane installed in a pool on the stage of the opening ceremony 

Pool builder Uwe Klingbeil installed the Adriatic blue ALKORPLAN2000 reinforced membrane in the pool situated on the centre stage of the opening ceremony of the World Olympic Games. Each of the 176 delegations brought water from their home country and poured it into the stream, thus forming an Olympic River symbolising unity and inclusiveness.

The Olympic River, a symbol of inclusiveness

Uwe Klingbeil and his team were responsible for designing and building the moat. The solidity of the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN2000 reinforced membrane and its bright blue colour were essential characteristics for the creation of this Olympic river.

It took Uwe Klingbeil and his team two days to complete the construction of this pool of 60 metres diameter and 1 metre depth.  

The laying of the membrane alkorplan2000