Once again, EuroSpaPoolNews' Pool Studio welcomed various players in the swimming pool industry, live from the Piscine Global Europe 2022 show.

Exclusive video interviews live from the Piscine Global Europe 2022 show

Andreas Weissenbacher, CEO of BWT Group, the European leader in pool water treatment, presented the actions of the brand in the field of eco-responsibility, but also Cosmy, its the new light and, powerful pool cleaner with floating battery.

Terrence Liu, senior manager at Fairland, disclosed the company's three latest innovations: the iGarden, a solar energy storage system for gardens;, the AI-wireless pool cleaner; and the InverX 20, a pool heat pump whose coefficient of performance is 20.

EuroSpaPoolNews also interviewed, in French, major players in the swimming pool industry, manufacturers, distributors, managers of swimming pool networks, etc.

Stéphane Ledru, European Sales Director at Poolstar, revealed the launch of a new solution on the market, Poolican, which allows to heat, filter, treat and remotely control a small swimming pool.

Julien Echabé, Patrice Garrigues and Fernando Blasco from Hayward discussed an important issue, namely the reduction of energy consumption, through some of the brand's products, including variable speed pumps .

Brice Nicolas, director of Team Horner Europe, introduced the group's new monoblock pool concept. Indeed, in 2023, all its swimming pools will be equipped with exclusive on-board intelligence as standard: the Horner Sentinel system.

Jean-Christophe Fillot, director of Polytropic, the swimming pool heating specialist, took advantage of this important professional exhibition to present STEPIO, the heat pump which fits under the stairs of a spa or a small swimming pool and includes a Wi-Fi module for remote control. 

Pierre-Antoine Gasciolli, head of development at Aboral, unveiled Aboral's ambitious projects and the commitment of the manufacturer of swimming pools to ecology. 

Clément Chapaton et Wilfried Vaity d'APF Pool Design Clément Chapaton, president of APF Pool Design, and Wilfried Vaity, marketing and sales director for export, presented the two new products from the manufacturer of tailor-made equipment for swimming pools : the Eden Compact , a new motorized, and connected  cover and the iScoot 700, a new motorised roller for bar covers.

Franck Épitalon, Head of Sales France, and Cédric Gulino, Marketing and Communication Manager, of Pool Technologie spoke about the brand's objectives for 2023 and the various actions implemented to reduce energy consumption..

Nicolas Mouret, General Manager Maytronics France, spoke about the launch of a new generation of easy-to-handle wireless pool cleaning robots, Liberty and about the many eco-responsible actions implemented by the company.

Fabien and Maxime Saussac spoke about Filtrinov's environmental commitments, which have been present since its creation, as well as its new logistics structure.

Jean-Michel Velay, Managing Director of Syclope Electronique, talks about the future projects of the French manufacturer of analysis and regulation equipment for water treatment, based near Pau.

The entire EuroSpaPoolNews team would like to warmly welcome all the interviewees for their participation and Florence Rousson Mompo, from GL Events Exhibitions Operations, and all her team for supporting the Pool Studio project.