Fluidra has launched the new website for Fluidra LAB - www.fluidralab.com - its open innovation program aimed at the worldwide innovation ecosystem of startups, research centers, technology centers, and universities. 

A link between internal needs and external actors of innovation

Fluidra LAB is tasked with identifying, unpacking, and delivering on the company's internal needs, as well as sounding out new technologies and sector business models. It is a point of contact between the company's business units and external innovation stakeholders.
The program spans four areas of interest: sustainability, safety and wellbeing, user and customer experiences, and digitalization across operations.  Sustainability is a priority and crosscutting strategy for the entire company and one of its core objectives is to make the pool a system with a neutral environmental impact. 

The safety and wellbeing area is focused on upholding the quality and safety levels that enable pools to be a safe and convenient place to practice water activities. The customer and user experience area is centered on the search for new solutions that enhance the pool professional's and pool owner's experience. And finally, digitalization across operations aims to streamline internal processes by introducing pioneering digital technologies.

Fluidra LAB and the innovation ecosystem

Fluidra will harness the program to offer the global innovation ecosystem proprietary resources to help roll out new products and services across the pool and wellness market such as:

  • testing equipment,
  • financing for pilot programs and co-developments,
  • in-depth industry expertise,
  • reputation and visibility by partnering with the market leader,
  • industrial-grade manufacturing capacity,
  • and access to Fluidra customer and distribution networks. 

The ultimate aim behind Fluidra LAB is for the partnerships with external stakeholders to lead them to onboard technology in the Fluidra portfolio today and going forward, as well as in our operations and to invest in them to generate innovative sector value. 

Fluidra LAB has already isolated and assessed 300-plus opportunities, of which 20 have been transferred to the appropriate business unit, 11 pilot schemes put in place, and three programs integrated. 
To find out more: www.fluidralab.com