A seasoned water treatment specialist and salesman to the core, Bert Dewinter has arrived with his undisguised ambitions for Procopi Benelux, and the means to achieve them.

Bert Dewinter takes the helm at Procopi Benelux

The taste for water, the pleasure of the field 

A proven track record: Bert Dewinter has shown a long-standing interest in water and an irrepressible joy working in sales in a field that he loves and that loves him right back. And so, it is only natural to find him now, since July, at the head of the new and ambitious department of Procopi Benelux dedicated to the Belgian , Dutch and Luxembourgian pool markets. Among his missions are the relaunch and energisation of the sales activity and also the customer services offered by Procopi Benelux: a strong, skilled aftersales service, efficient logistics, full coverage of the territory, welcoming BWT branded agencies and responsive customer service. 

Bert Dewinter reaffirms: "It was BWT's strategic vision on the subject of water that immediately impressed me and led me to accept the position.  The importance of this natural resource and the need to respect it have significantly shaped my career. Another point, the clincher for me, is that I will be in the field. The customers will see me! Because I am, at heart, a salesman. In the very near future, we will be starting training sessions in our products and equipment to meet our clients and prospects". 

A dense sales network 

Bert Dewinter can rely on excellent technicians, a highly effective back office and experienced co-workers. They currently staff two agencies, one in Jupille, already very well established, and the other, which opened last year, in Zele and that features a Cash and Carry greatly appreciated by professionals. A third establishment is planned for Zaventem to provide full coverage of the Belgian territory.  

All BWT product lines

Bert clarifies "Procopi Benelux will sell all BWT Group pool products, equipment and materials."