As part of its efforts towards continuous improvement, CF Group aims at developing comprehensive solutions in all areas of its business to ensure resource-efficient and sustainable operations. An important consideration here is energy consumption and the generation of one's own electricity.

Comprehensive solutions to ensure resource-efficient and sustainable operations

At the same time, CF Group also strives for a more durable and energy-efficient product portfolio. Staff participation is essential to anchor sustainability in the company. Going forward, the company intends to further intensify and support this approach with a view to ensuring that every employee can make an active contribution in the long term. 

The group is already committed to the following:  

  • Consistent orientation of the factories and buildings towards increasing self-sufficiency (solar collectors, airlocks for heating optimisation, etc.) 
  • Sustainable electric mobility (conversion of the vehicle fleet to electric vehicles Charging stations at every location)  
  • Environmentally friendly aquaponics projects aimed at an ultra-short production-consumption cycle for the restaurant area in Wendlingen  
  • Important innovations for reducing the use of chemicals or optimising the use of salt water  
  • Maximum optimisation of waste recycling (5-stream sorting Recycling of industrial waste)  
  • Rail logistics designed to reduce greenhouse gases in the shortest possible time. 

In addition, many small everyday gestures contribute towards raising everyone's level of responsibility. These include: Reducing the amount of packaging No more plastic bottles for employees Using recycled paper.... 

In this context, Cedrik Mayer-Klenk, CEO of CF Group, says with foresight: 'CF Group will not only be active in the world of swimming pools, but also in the sustainable treatment of the world's drinking water'.