This year's traditional SCP Europe International Sales Conference took place in Lisbon, Portugal, and was also the occasion to celebrate the 20th anniversary of SCP Portugal. From 16 to 18 November 2021, 350 people joined the staff, agency managers and management for three intense and stimulating days. 

The management, SCP Europe agency managers and sales teams gathered together in Lisbon for 3 intense days

For SCP Europe's 6th ISC, 350 guests participated in a programme organised by the SCP Europe Communication team during 3 days with a very rich agenda. All the managers of the European subsidiaries, their sales managers, agency managers and supply, sales and marketing representatives were present.
In all, 110 sales staff from all countries came to the event to exchange views and share memorable moments with the 48 suppliers, partners in pool and spa equipment and accessories, present, including 7 new partners for 2021 alone. 

This event was also marked by the presence of Peter Arvan, CEO of PoolCorp, and Melanie Housey, CFO of PoolCorp, thus demonstrating the importance of the European market for the company. 

Equipes et direction de SCP Europe à la 6e ISC de Lisbonne 2021

The Managing Director of SCP Europe, Jean-Louis Albouy - with by his side, the CEO and CFO of PoolCorp, Peter Arvan and Melanie Housey - surrounded by SCP Europe teams and suppliers

The 1st ISC for Jean-Louis Albouy as Director of SCP Europe

At SCP Europe, the transfer of power between Sylvia Monfort - former European General Manager for 20 years - and Jean-Louis Albouy - former Managing Director of SCP France for over 10 years and the new European General Manager - took place at the beginning of 2021. 

Jean Louis Albouy Directeur général SCP Europe 6e ISC SCp Europe Lisbonne Portugal

Jean-Louis Albouy's opening speech at ISC SCP Europe

Jean-Louis Albouy shared with us his impressions of these 3 days, offering a 'private show' experience to all participants. 

Jean-Louis Albouy, what are your impressions of this new ISC, your first as European General Manager? 

J. L. A.: For this first experience of the SCP Europe ISC as European manager, I made a few changes to the organisation, giving more emphasis to the supplier exhibition than previously. I wanted to give the sales staff more time for discussion with our partners. So, with the participating manufacturers, we tried to optimise the product exhibition to enable the sales staff to get hands-on experience of the products, discover their added value and technology... and to understand them. We have to take into account the fact that new sales staff have joined us in the 2 years since the 5th SCP Europe International Sales Conferences & Vendor Showcase. Their involvement in marketing, which has become increasingly digitalised, does not necessarily mean that they have a perfect understanding of how products work. 

Meeting in Lisbon was also the occasion to celebrate SCP Portugal's 20th anniversary with Filipa Santos. I am very happy with the way this new edition took place and it is a feeling that is shared with the assembly. 

Was supplier feedback also positive?

J. L. A.: Their feedback was excellent!

Strength in numbers: a master distributor like SCP Europe and its suppliers. 

For them, the possibility to meet and exchange views for 3 days with the entire sales force was an exceptional opportunity that created many links. And that was definitely one of my objectives: to deepen the knowledge, not only of the products, but also from the point of view of commercial relations.
I want to insist on this point even more during the next ISC in two years' time. 

The high points of the SCP Europe 2021 ISC

130 members of the SCP Europe teams and management set out on a 5 km race on the wooded heights of Lisbon. 

Ligne d'arrivée course ISC SCP Europe 2021

The finish line of the race on the heights of Lisbon

Jean-Louis Albouy au mini-marathon ISC SCP Europe 2021

Jean-Louis Albouy was participating in the 5 km race

The supplier exhibition was attended by the 48 partners of SCP Europe that came to present their products.

Stand Aquachek salon Exposants ISC SCP Europe 2021

The Aquachek stand at the suppliers' fair

Stand Hayward ISC SCP Europe 2021

The Hayward stand

Stand Latham ISC SCP Europe 2021

The Latham / Pacific Pool stand

Stands Emaux et PoolCop ISC SCP Europe 2021

The Emaux and PoolCop stands

As always, the SCP Europe ISC presented its 'Best Vendor of the Year' award, with SCP UK and SCP Malaga voted Best Sales Centres, and AVADY POOL elected Best Supplier. 

SCP UK at SCP Europe ISC

The SCP UK Team

AVADY POOL élu Meilleur fournisseur SCP Europe 2021

AVADY POOL were elected Best SCP Europe Supplier 2021

Finally, the 2021 ISC also provided the occasion to celebrate the 20th anniversary of SCP Portugal.

Filipa Dos Santos SCP Portugal

Filipa Dos Santos, director of the Portuguese subsidiary 

Les 20 ans de SCP Portugal

SCP Portugal's 20th anniversary: Filipa Dos Santos and Jean-Louis Albouy