The ASTRALPOOL Olympic swimming pool approved for water polo competitions

The Skypool building system of AstralPool

The swimming pool designed and built by FLUIDRA is intended to host the water polo competitions of the 2019 Pan American Games which will take place from July 26 to August 11, 2019. It integrates the sports complex Andrès Avekino Cáceres of the District of Villa María del Triunfo in the city of Lima (Peru).
The built swimming pool uses AstralPool's SkyPool construction system. This system is composed of prefabricated panels, allowing by its anchoring and assembling method to build a buried or above ground swimming pool very quickly. The panels are made of galvanized steel, offering durability and safety in its service life.

FINA regulations are respected

This AstralPool swimming pool measures 50 x 25 m with a depth of 2.20 m. It perfectly meets the strict requirements of FINA (International Swimming Federation) for water polo competitions in Olympic swimming pools for:

  • dimensions,
  • temperature
  • light intensity
  • ceiling height

FLUIDRA responsible for the maintenance of the pool

In addition to the design and installation of the Olympic pool, FLUIDRA is also responsible for the supervision of filtration, water disinfection, water heating system and competition equipment.

Several ASTRALPOOL pools already approved by FINA

FLUIDRA has already built several swimming pools that have recently been approved by FINA:

  • Swimming pools designed and installed for the Asian Games in Jakarta (Indonesia) in 2018
  • the pools of the Mediterranean Games of Tarragona (Spain) in 2018
  • the Olympic swimming pool of the Taipei World University Championships (Taiwan) in 2017.

End-to-end solutions for the world of competition

Its dedicated services offer, thanks to the Skypool system, integral solutions for this type of project:

  • project analysis
  • preliminary design study and quote
  • advice on water treatment 
  • manufacture
  • worksite management
  • "Complete Solution" installation.

Pan-American Games 2019: New Recognition of FLUIDRA Know-How

With this project, the company is expanding its portfolio of FINA approved competition pools. The Pan American Games will be held in Lima, Peru, from July 26 to August 11, 2019 and draw 6,000 athletes from 41 countries across the Americas.

FLUIDRA is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and has launched a competition open to the public to celebrate the event.