What does this change for resellers?  Well, nothin ... and everything too!

In fact, the Procopi offer does not change - the same quality of products and services that have been appreciated over many years.  The sales strategy does not change either, with partner contacts and close relationships with regional sales managers.


So what will it change ?

Henceforth, the BWT (Best Water Technology) brand will be the one under which Procopi's partners will identify the company's products. And professionals will be seeing this logo a lot - BWT has an awareness strategy of its brand on an international scale.

In fact, the end customers have already been seeing the brand on several media supports.

First and foremost, its strong presence at the Formula 1 International Grand Prix.  With each broadcast, no less than one billion viewers are able to spot the group's logo with its three block letters all along the route.

Furthermore, the group sponsors international ski champions who are highly visible in the media, as well as major football teams in Germany and also, as of this year, the Stade Rennais FC in Ligue 1 for the next three seasons.

The brand ensures a significant and permanent media presence, carefully orchestrated so as to be seen by the largest number of individual clients.

It intends to further its reputation amongst the general public through major sporting events: Formula 1, Formula 2, Porsche Cup, Alpine Skiing, Ski Jumping, French, Austrian and German Football Championships, etc.

In fact, Procopi will also benefit from this growing brand awareness and wiil start a transition to using the BWT brand in all of its communication.

BWT will be happy to invite our professional clients to such exclusive sporting events throughout the year.

The goal is quite clear: End customers will recognise the strong BWT brand, thanks to the media, and associate it with positive and dynamic values. He will then find this same logo on pool products in a pool store - resellers will increase their turnovers and margins.

Procopi thus reaffirms its place as a pool professional partner, combining advice and support, which is now made stronger by the brand and the structure of a renowned international group.