For its 40th anniversary, DIMENSION ONE SPAS made an impact with the launch of its Executive(TM) spa, in parallel with the many actions taken this year, and gave Frans Luijben - Vice President, International Sales, Marketing and Head of Global Sales Network (except USA and Canada) - the opportunity to express his gratitude to his network of dealers.

He spoke of some of the "outstanding" features of this new high-end model.

"This spa combines several technologies patented by the brand: hydraulic calibration system for consistent and efficient massage power, UltraPure water treatment, new adjustable Flex Therapy headrests,"Bioform" seats eliminating the flotation effect, Typhon jets at the bottom of the tub and in the bench to ensure penetrating massages...

The Executive(TM) also offers the deepest immersion depth of the vast D1Spas range, for optimal comfort.

Note also its "smart" logo showing at a glance if the spa is ready for use, if a defect is registered, etc.

And, from September, users will be able to carry out a diagnosis of their spas while connected to their dealers! "

   Spa Executive D1 Spas vu de haut

D1 Spas Executive

D1 Spas Executive