Although the mobile deck was first launched as a protection for small pools in limited spaces, it has earned its place as an aesthetic accomplishment and has now even become very trendy.

Several manufacturers offer models that seem similar, where the differences lie in their technicality, quality of materials and finishes.


Deckwell FLUIDRA



One has to admit that the concept is ingenious: a mobile platform that covers or uncovers the pool according to one’s wishes, the season, or space requirements, to offer a surface that is absolutely safe.
And that is the key to its success: a modularity offering the owner the advantages of a multi-purpose space It has many functions as well: as a safety cover (conforming to NF P90-308 standards) when it is closed and fastened, as a protection against accidental falls and pollution, and for preventing water evaporation at night.  Just like a pool cover, it also prevents heat loss. It offers all the functionalities of a security cover, with the added aesthetics of wood trim or a very contemporary wood finish and harmonises perfectly with the landscape, added to a significant functional bonus when closed. 

Also, when it is open, it turns into a pool deck for sunbathing.  The biggest plus point is that it is not the furniture that is moved around, but the deck, with everything that is on it (these decks are able to support weights ranging from 150 to 250 kg/m² on an average).


AZENCO Pooldeck

Pooldeck - AZENCO


The mobile deck consists of one, two, or even four or more movable elements, depending on the size of the pool to cover.  The cover slides over the pool, either in the centre, when it consists of several elements or over the entire pool when it consists of only one module.

The two modules can also be asymmetrical, as in the Eclipse model from Wood, which offers this option for pools up to 5 m wide. The elements slide out like a telescopic shelter and are stacked 2 by 2 or 3 by 3.  A minimum of space is therefore required at the border of the pool to house the deck elements.

Most of the structures are in aluminium, such as the Qualicoat Sea Side powder-coated Deckwell from AstralPool, and the modules are preassembled at the  factory.  Piscinelle, after two-years of R&D focusing on sustainable manufacturing, has launched its Rolling Deck on the market, a model with frame and slats in Ipe wood.

The modules, called «decks», which are usually synthetic (except the Rolling Deck, in wood), have wood or composite cladding. Siberian Larch for the Walu Deck from Walter Piscine, available in honey; grey or sand for the AstralPool Deckwell; dark grey, light grey, dark brown or light brown composite for the Azenco Pooldeck; laminated panels with anti-skid coating treated anti-UV with a wood or natural stone finish for the mobile deck Stilys from EC Creation.


walu deck Walter piscine




Aluminium rails fixed on each side of the pool, so that the deck slides on rolling treads support the structure. The Walu Deck is equipped with casters with stainless steel spiked bearings and rubber pad brakes. The Stilys model is equipped with nylon brushes on the edges to ensure that it slides perfectly on the rail. The whole structure has therefore to be fixed on perfectly flat and solid surfaces. In the closed position, a safety lock complements the unit. 


In the open position, the mobile platform is locked to the ground with a fixing system.
The manual versions require only one person for opening and closing them.  Azenco, for the Pooldeck, Walter Piscine for the Walu Deck, AstralPool for the Deckwell, and EC Creation for the Stilys, also offer motorized versions, and even a solar version (Pooldeck and Stilys).








terrasse favaretti

The new FAVARETTI motorized mobile deck is supported by a frame in steel (AISI304 or, on request, 316 L), and a deck in exotic Ipe-WPC wood (plastic composite wood).

The structure of the deck once finished can support weights of up to 150 kg/m² in its standard version and, on request, up to 300 kg/m², in this case essentially for projects frequented by the public.


The modules that slide on rails in both the manual and motorized versions, measure between 1 and 1.5-2 meters long and can even measure up to 8 meters in width for certain projects!

If the customer wishes, he can, by aesthetic choice, cover the modules with tiles, mosaic, and even synthetic turf, even though the wood is quite sufficient in itself.