Calorex's new logoCalorex are unveiling their new company logo as part of the ongoing evolution of the brand. Since their acquisition by Procuritas Capital Investors V in January 2016, which saw the company become part of the Dantherm Group with Dantherm A/S and then later Master and Aerial, a refresh of the logo was needed to reflect Calorex's new brand identity.


The Calorex logo hasn’t changed in approximately 40 years and this news marks the most dramatic change in their visual identity since he company was launched.


With the support of Sean McKay, Managing Director of brand identity and creative design agency Beyond Media, they have chosen a new design that reflects a more modern look in the modern world.

A new symbol, which is to represent energy flow, will be present on all their products and will give them a more distinguished look in the UK and across the world.

Our new logo will better communicate what Calorex stands for today and into the future,” said Anne Guerrero, Marketing Manager at Calorex.
Recent changes within our organisation have expanded Calorex’s capabilities and reach, and there was a need to see our identity upgraded to reflect those changes.
The new logo represents a forward-thinking organisation that keeps us on par with our competitors and projects a stronger brand image.

Torben Duer, Dantherm Group CEO, said: “The new Calorex logo is part of the ongoing Dantherm Group branding that will help establish our plans and vision for the whole organisation going forward.
The Calorex brand is instantly recognisable, but after 40 years it was now time for that to embody the company we will become in the future.”


The new logo is already visible on all digital channels and will become a permanent feature on all Calorex products over the next few months.


About Calorex and Dantherm


Calorex is now part of the Dantherm Group which is a leading provider of climate control products and solutions.


Calorex applications include:


● Swimming pool environment control

● Swimming pool heat pumps

● Refrigerant dehumidifiers

● Desicant dehumidifiers

● Commercial ventilation

● Commercial heat pumps and heat recovery

● Mobile dehumidifiers, air movers, heaters and air-conditioning


Dantherm applications include:


● Electronics cooling

● Dehumidification

● Ventilation

● Mobile heating & cooling

● Service