ais award

Brisbane, QLD, AUSTRALIA:   Australian Innovative Systems (AIS), a Brisbane based manufacturer of commercial and residential chlorine generators and water disinfection technology, has been rewarded for its commitment to innovation,  excellence and success by taking out the Manufacturing award in Saturday night’s 17th Australian Small Business Champion Awards (ASBCA).

Elena Gosse, CEO of AIS accepted the award in front of 1,000 guests at the Westin Hotel Sydney on Saturday evening (18.4.15) with the awards attracting over 400 finalists. The ASBCAs recognise the contribution that small business plays in shaping Australia's economic development and culture.

Elena said that she was grateful to the award organisers for helping to shine the spotlight on small businesses:

“As a manufacturer and small business owner I don’t think that we celebrate or champion small businesses enough in Australia.  Small business makes such a significant contribution to our economy, and in the case of AIS, is also helping to promote Australian designed and manufactured technology to the world.

“I applaud the Australian Small Business Champion Awards team for recognising small business owners’ efforts.

“I would also like to encourage big business and governments of all levels to support small businesses more by considering products, technology and services that are available right here, in our own backyard.”

Elena credited the award win to her team of 50+ staff members across AIS’ three, Brisbane based head office and manufacturing facilities.  

“Running a successful small manufacturing business is like being part of a big family. I want to acknowledge the skills and dedication of the AIS family, every single member of our staff, for continuing to drive innovation in our company so that we can claim our position as leaders in the Australian water disinfection industry.”

AISABOUT AIS:  AIS is a proudly Australian owned and operated company and an award-winning leader in the water disinfection industry. AIS’s extensive range of advanced chlorine generators can disinfect water of almost any composition from fresh, salt, ground, town or even waste water with the company exporting its technology to over 55 countries worldwide. For more information visit AIS at