The UK Pool & Spa Expo is again hosting the highly respected US commercial pool operators’ (CPO) course at next January’s event at the NEC.

NSPF cpoRun by the National Swimming Pool Federation (NSPF) of the USA, the course will be of particular interest to hoteliers, pool builders, maintenance staff, water treatment companies, health officers or anyone who has interaction with a wet leisure facility.

The course comprises a full two-day on site training programme at the UK Pool & Spa Expo on 22 and 23 January, with the final exam being held at the end.

The cost of the course is £350+VAT per delegate. It will provide a qualification that is valid for five years, and will cover subjects such as clarity/bacteriological and chemical water quality, breakpoint chlorination, effects of corrosive and alkaline water, calculating levels of disinfectant in mpl, calculation of saturation index, and protection against diseases in pool water.

Instructor Tony Bell says, “This course will give UK pool operators the opportunity to qualify for a course and provide invaluable training in the skills necessary to operate a commercial pool or spa facility.”