Plus X Award


Plus X Award


Fluidra has been awarded two prizes: the Plus X Award and the best product of the year for its innovation AstralPool Mac® which allows a smart control of pools.


The jury of the Plus X Award, the most prestigious international awards for innovative technologies, sport and lifestyle products, awarded the prize to AstralPool Mac® because of its innovation, quality, user friendliness and eco-efficiency.


With an easy-to-use touch screen from it can control all pool settings, from the level of efficiency to filtration and product dosing, through to temperature. In addition, to make things even easier for users, pools can be fully controlled remotely from their mobile telephones and tablets.

The innovative technology enables savings to be made of up to 50% on energy, 90% on chemical products and 50% on backwashing in comparison with conventionally controlled pools. It is able to adjust features such as the volume of water, adapt settings to the number of bathers and set filtration times, all of which results in maximum pool performance in terms of energy and water savings, as well as optimising maintenance.


Fluidra developed it at a cost of 1.5 million euros. The introduction of this technology was also recognised in the shape of the Red Dot Design Award, one of the world's most prestigious design awards, which are judged on the basis of aspects such as innovation, functionality and durability.


AstralPool Mac MAc


AstralPool Mac AstralPool Mac