Spasa Awards of ExcellenceSPLASH! is Australia’s largest trade event for the pool and spa industry. On the occasion of SPLASH! 2014, the prime industry event will gain even greater endorsement by hosting the 2014 SPASA Australia Awards of Excellence. The Gala Dinner, on the Gold Coast, will take place on 17th of July 2014.


The SPASA Australia Awards of Excellence recognise achievement in design, construction, innovation, and professionalism across the pool & spa industry. The Awards program gives recognition to SPASA members who have demonstrated the highest degree of competency and professionalism.


This year SPASA Australia has reinvigorated our awards categories and now include various product and spa categories as well as the most prestigious Builder Award in Australia – the SPASA Australia Pool of the Year. This will be fantastic – it’s truly the Best of the Best.” said CEO, Brendan Watkins.


The SPASA Australia Awards of Excellence Gala Dinner will incorporate the fourth edition of the SPLASH! Environmental Awards. These Awards have gained international recognition promoting environmental and sustainable achievements.

The double Awards night promises to be a highlight of the week, which will include; pre-show workshops, educational sessions featuring international speakers, a golf day plus more than 100 companies exhibiting at the tradeshow.


All Awards winners will receive exclusive use of a unique digital Awards logo, permanent listing & links from the SPASA Australia website as well as a framed Winner or Highly Commended Award. Significant media coverage is assured.


  • The Awards of Excellence adjudication will be conducted by a high-profile, independent of industry, panel of judges.


  • All winners of the 2013 SPASA Australia member Awards of Excellence programs are automatically eligible for the national Awards program.




1. Residential Concrete Pools - Traditional or Geometric up to $50,000
2. Residential Concrete Pools - Traditional or Geometric $50,000 to $100,000
3. Residential Concrete Pools - Traditional or Geometric over $100,000
4. Residential Concrete Pools - Freeform or Natural up to $50,000
5. Residential Concrete Pools - Freeform or Natural $50,000 to $100,000
6. Residential Concrete Pools - Freeform or Natural over $100,000
7. Residential Fibreglass Pools - up to $40,000
8. Residential Fibreglass Pools - over $40,000
9. Commercial Fibreglass Pools
10. Residential Vinyl Lined In-Ground Pools - Modular or shaped concrete pools finished with vinyl lining.
11. Residential Pre-Engineered Above Ground Vinyl-Lined Pools – Kit type pools, whether free standing, incorporating decking or erected partially or fully in ground.
12. Residential Enclosed/Indoor Pools
13. Display Pools - Pools built in a display centre, where the prime purpose of the pool/s is for exhibition to potential customers. Entries featuring a pool built for a consumer which the builder has access to for display purposes, will not be accepted.
14. Commercial Pools or Spas up to $250,000 - Built of any material or method of construction.
15. Commercial Pools or Spas over $250,000 - Built of any material or method of construction.
16. Renovations up to $25,000
17. Renovations over $25,000 - Renovations include any type of construction - to cover significant alterations, including additions or alterations to the structure or shape of the existing pools. Photographs showing the pool before and after the alterations, together with a description of the work and history of the pool must be included with the entry.
18. Innovative Pool and/or Spa - Entry should display demonstrated skills in; overcoming a difficult site, developing a new concept, new marketing ideas etc.
19. Water Feature – Features such as waterfalls, ponds and fountains, either as stand-alone items or part of a swimming pool or spa.
20. Lap Pools – Pools incorporating a lane/s intended for swimming laps.
21. Sustainable Pools – Any pool construction / installation / renovation incorporating specific features or equipment resulting in energy, chemical and/or water savings.
22. Best In-situ Portable Spa – This award is open to any compliant manufactured. re-locatable spa, residential or commercial. There are no limitations on price or size.
23. Sustainability Award : Product - This award is open to any new product, service, activity or device that demonstrates a saving of energy and / or water. The initiative must have been released onto the market less than three years ago, and can demonstrate improvement to the sustainability of a pool or spa. For example, it could be a new pool water minimisation device, advances in solar heating products, automation, advances in pool cover technology, any low energy activity or device, or the promotion of a more sustainable use of existing systems or processes.
24. SPASA Australia Pool of the Year Award – All winners of the 2013 SPASA Australia member Awards of Excellence are automatically eligible for this Award. The decision will be made solely on the judges’ discretion. If no pool reaches a level they deem worthy of this high honour, no award will be made. The Pool of the Year will be the pool or spa that that the judges feel is the best example of the pool builders’ art for the year.