EUSA 2013 winnersThe first ever EUSA (European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations) awards took place at the aquanale exhibition held in Cologne, Germany on Thursday 24th October, with resounding success, announcing 9 winners across 12 countries.


Competition was tough with EUSA representing over 2,000 swimming pool and spa companies across Europe. The awards were judged by top industry professionals representing the 12 countries of EUSA. With such superior standards, understandably tensions were high in anticipation of the results with the event erupting as each of the winners were announced, securing their places as the 2013 industry leaders.


The awards provided three categories and the winners were:


Domestic Outdoor Pools Category:

Gold: Carre Bleu International (France) - Agrétec - Piscines Carré Bleu
A transparent swimming pool creating the impression of weightlessness. Perfect integration with original features and essential modern lines. The ultimate in modernism and completely at one with the architecture.


EUSA 2013 winners

Silver: Guansa Sport (Spain)
A stunning piece of sculpture in glass set in a picturesque setting using transparent walls to create an infinity pool set on the edge of steep rocky slope. This pool enriches its surrounding views and encapsulates drama, with the use of lighting making the pool a stunning structure by both day and night.


EUSA 2013 winners

Bronze: Bergmann Schwimmbadbau GmbH (Germany)
This pool works flawlessly with the architecture of the building, thus making the pool an integrated extension of the house. The pool reflects the clarity, the light and the simple design of this home, creating seamless balance between window transparency and water.


EUSA 2013 winners


Domestic Indoor Pools Category

Gold: SSF Schwimmbad GmbH (Germany)
This pool defines drama, elegance and tranquillity through the incredible use of uncluttered three dimensional space, complemented by the use of lighting and architecture culminating in a fantastic example of futuristic styling.


EUSA 2013 winners

Silver: A1 Schwimmbadbau GmbH (Germany)
A pool which defines relaxation and comfort, using strong architectural conceptual design, perfectly complemented by the lighting and finishes, bringing outdoor living to life.


Bronze: SSF Schwimmbad GmbH (Germany)
Modernism is mastered with this pool’s design and build. The dark colours of the pool create contrast to the whiteness of the setting. The swimming pool becomes an elegant reflection of the room itself, giving the optical illusion of a floating spa.


EUSA 2013 awards

Domestic Spas / Hot Tubs Category

Gold: B.P.A. spol.s r.o (Slovakia)
Encompassed in a futuristic architectural setting, filled with rounded surfaces, this hot tub possesses excellent originality of finish with cutting edge modernistic geometry. An excellent example of design and craftsmanship.


EUSA 2013 winners

Silver: Harris Pools & Leisure Ltd (United Kingdom)
Set in the beautiful rolling hills of the British countryside, this hot tub sets off its integrated infinity pool wonderfully. Curved lines and radiating timber boards make a strong and positive contribution to the stunning landscape encapsulating tranquillity and outdoor living.


EUSA 2013 awards


Bronze: Diffazur Piscine S.A.
The pool design and landscaping creates the feeling of a natural spa built into rock. This spa takes a ‘rustic’ theme and, executes it brilliantly, evoking the serenity and pureness of a mountain spring.


EUSA 2013 awards



The awards are the first time a European wide event has been organised by EUSA, showcasing the best examples of construction, design and innovation.

Founded in 2006, EUSA is registered in Brussels and spearheaded by the current President John Scott. EUSA’s objective is to strengthen and coordinate the spirit of European unity between all its members and the voice of craftsmen, the trade, wholesalers and the wet leisure industry across Europe.

John Scott (EUSA President), comments "I am extremely proud to be at the helm through these exciting times for EUSA, as we celebrate the first ever European swimming pool and spa awards. The calibre of competition entries was outstanding, providing an exceptional opportunity to celebrate our industry and share best practice like never before ".

Moving forward for 2014, the influence of EUSA and the combined support of its membership countries are sure to have a fantastic impact on the industry. The message is clear in providing wet leisure companies across Europe with a reason to celebrate their achievements and the opportunity to promote pool and spa equipment as an exciting and inspiring lifestyle choice to consumers.