QPS 2013QSSC - Qatar Safety and Secuirty  Conference for Swimming Pools will take place from 6 to 8 November, 2013 at Doha Exhibition Centre. Registration is free till 2nd November on



Bill Kent

Bill Kent -

Member in Board of

Directors – NSPF –

Team Horner

Peter Lang

Peter Lang -

Fellow of the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers

Allen J Wilson

Allen J Wilson -

Health and Safety

Consultant Specializing

in Aquatic Facilities

Allen J Wilson

Najib Metni
NDU Chair Person PASSA

Pierre Boueri

Pierre Boueri
President - PASSA



The International Safety and Security Conference will focus on a variety of interesting topics that have a significant educational and researchable impact with an emphasis on technical discussions about the latest technologies and innovations connected to safety and security regulations, systems and products related to Swimming Pools and Spas.


QSSC will discuss and present the latest practical and scientific advances in this field that aim to widen your knowledge with specified professional recommendations and to increase awareness in society and to ensure the use of safety and security regulations in swimming pools and spas in the State of Qatar.


November 6-8, Doha Exhibition Centre


Wednesday, November 6

3:00 pm: Public Health issues related to the recreational use of water

6:00 pm: A review on microbiological issues related to swimming pools

6:00 pm: A review on monitoring and disinfection issues: Chlorine Free

6:00 pm: Water Purification Systems - Optimal System: Disinfectant + Polisher

6:00 pm: Design Considerations

Thursday, November 6  

3:00 pm: Water Treatment and Pool Management

3:30 pm: Monitoring, Surveillance and Prevention

4:00 pm: Enhance Pool Safety with layers of Protection

4:30 pm: Swimming Pool Security Systems

5:00 pm: Best Intrusion Detection and prevention Solutions

5:30 pm: Child Injury Prevention

Friday, November 5

3:00 pm: Guidelines and regulations – US

3:30 pm: Guidelines and regulations – UK

4:00 pm: Guidelines and regulations – EUSA

4:30 pm: Harmonized Guidelines and regulations – QATAR


For more information please contact Mrs. Mai Wahba: [email protected]