A new survey in the USA has found that an overwhelming majority of parents are concerned that electronic devices are interfering with traditional family activities, including swimming, and see potential negative health and social consequences as a result.


Conducted by Mason–Dixon on behalf of the Water Quality and Health Council, the survey found that, 86% of parents said electronics such as video games smartphones and tablets interfere with traditional family activities. In addition, 93% of parents are concerned that children are suffering negative health consequences from spending too much time on electronic devices instead of physical activities like swimming.


However, the survey also revealed a lack of knowledge among respondents regarding the benefits of swimming. For example, one in four did not know that swimming in a well-maintained pool with the correct chlorine level and pH is a healthy activity for children with asthma. More than half of respondents did not know that a well-­maintained pool can actually reduce the risk of swimming-­related ear infections, and 23% did not know that a well-­maintained pool can help reduce the risk of developing diarrhea from waterborne germs.


water quality and health council survey