Representatives from five of the UK’s leading leisure organisations (DC Leisure, SLM, Leisure Connection, Fusion Lifestyle and the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham) have met with the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) and Cap 2 – the developer of the ASA-endorsed CoursePro learn-to-swim programme management software – to shape the way in which technology will be used to improve the future delivery of swimming lessons.

Designed initially for swimming pool management, CoursePro is said to offer fast and accurate poolside administration using an iPod, course co-ordination, up-to-date reporting and parental interaction via a HomePortal. The software, which can be used with any course-based criteria, is now employed in more than 300 swimming pools across the UK.

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Mark Haslam, Group Swimming Manager at DC Leisure, which uses CoursePro in 58 of its sites, said: “CoursePro is an excellent example of a software development arising from the needs of the user, with the developers having a clear understanding of what is required.

The management of swimming has changed over the last few years; until now we have not had a computerised solution that caters for these changes. This has been designed around how we now manage swimming lessons, improving customer service and support to our teachers – it has opened our eyes to the potential for the future.

Chris Rinder, Head of National Sales for the ASA said: “CoursePro represents the future of Learn to Swim programme management and, as such, is a very valuable software product for our members.  We are confident that by working together with swimming lesson providers, we can ensure that its value continues to grow, improving the professionalism and efficiency of Learn to Swim programmes across the country.