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As part of the Piscine and Aqualie 2012 shows taking place at Eurexpo-Lyon, the members of the jury* announced the names of the Innovation Award winners on Tuesday 13 November to an audience of 300 professionals and press representatives.

This year’s prize-giving ceremony was organised in collaboration with the French Swimming Pool Federation.






In the category Piscine - Top 100 - Outdoor fittings
Trophy awarded to POOLSTAR
For the Uovo, a fresh new take on the garden toilet with a highly stylish design.









In the category Piscine - Top 100 - Lighting and electricity
Trophy awarded to ALPHADIF
For its LED spotlight with water cooling system. This system uses the pool water to reduce the amount of heat emitted by the LEDs, giving unlimited lighting power. A French patent.





rmj international

In the category Piscine - Top 100 - Outdoor furniture
For its Loon garden furniture range.
A 3-in-1 inflatable lounger that looks great indoors, outdoors or on the water.





maytronicsIn the category Piscine - Top 100 - Maintenance equipment
Trophy awarded to MAYTRONICS
For the Dolphin Hybrid RS1, the only robot suction cleaner fitted with brushes that actively cleans the pool. A fast, efficient, eco-friendly, economical pool-cleaning solution.






In the category Piscine - Top 100 - Protection and safety
Trophy awarded to DEL
For Dune, an automatic cover with an exclusive innovative design. Available in electric and solar-powered versions.






oneshot 3d

In the category Piscine - Top 100 - Design and installation
Trophy awarded to ONESHOT 3D
For its Oneshot 3D software. This 3D real-time simulation software enables a 3D pool catalogue to be projected directly onto the customer’s photo via a tablet computer.






In the category Piscine - Top 100 - Filtration
Trophy awarded to HI-FITT
For Killer-Flex, its patented termite-resistant pool hose that ensures complete protection for pool installations.





mondial piscineIn the category Piscine - Top 100 - Construction processes
Trophy awarded to MONDIAL PISCINE
For its system of polypropylene formwork panels used to pour concrete when building pool structures.



arch water products

In the category Piscine - Top 100 - Water treatment
For HTH Easy’Ox, an active oxygen-based multi-purpose treatment product packed in water-soluble sachets specially designed for pools measuring 15 to 20 m3.







In the category Piscine - Top 100 - Fitness
Trophy awarded to DIMENSION ONE SPAS
For the AquaSport 13, a highly versatile swim spa. It has a wide base area for countercurrent swimming, allows a broad range of movement and is compatible with a variety of exercise routines.







In the category Aqualie - Top 100 - Fitness
Trophy awarded to WATERFLEX

For the Water Rider 5 Aquabike. The only one of its kind on the market, the Water Rider 5 is made of 100% stainless steel. Combined with an Aqua-speed pedal to enhance the action of pedalling, this aquabike offers unrivalled performance levels.




pool eco


tum plastik

In the category Piscine - Pool Eco Attitude - Filtration
Trophy awarded to TUM PLASTIK LTD STI
For its 30 HP thermoplastic centrifugal pump: excellent flow rate, high-efficiency, silent, smooth-flowing, made out of high-quality corrosion-resistant glass fibre thermoplastic material…





pcfr poolcopIn the category Piscine - Pool Eco Attitude - Maintenance equipment
Trophy awarded to PCFR POOLCOP
For PoolCop, a unique autopilot system for swimming pools. It optimises cleaning and water consumption, calculates filtration times on a daily basis, and adjusts pH and all types of disinfection.






pool technologieIn the category Piscine - Pool Eco Attitude - Water treatment
Trophy awarded to POOL TECHNOLOGIE
For its Justsalt® Pro system, which keeps chlorine and pH at ideal, constant levels. This system eliminates any risk of over -or under- chlorination.






bamboo franceIn the category Piscine - Pool Eco Attitude - Pavings and coverings
Trophy awarded to BAMBOO FRANCE
For its Bamboo Pool Garden collection. A real eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to exotic wood for terraces. A patented unique natural process. 10-year warranty for outdoor use.







piscines easykit

In the category Piscine - Pool Eco Attitude - Pool structures
Trophy awarded to PISCINES EASYKIT
For Piscine Plage®, a sustainable pool system combining galvanised steel, fibre-reinforced concrete and reinforced PVC. A gently-sloping, submerged beach-like deck.





hotspringIn the category Piscine - Pool Eco Attitude - SPAS
Trophy awarded to HOTSPRING®
For its HotSpring® ACE Tm salt water sanitising system.







* Jury Members New products awards
• Loic Biagini – Eurospapoolnews
• Michel Dupenloup - L’Activité Piscine
• Hervé Mery - Builder
• Stéphane Debernardi - Builder
• Jacques Couacault - Expert
• Pascal Bessin - 3A Consulting


Jury Members Pool Vision
• Marie-Claire Regniers - Editor
• Ronald Kern - Architect
• Jacques Allard -ADM- Archi-Europe delegate
• Philippe Soille - Pool expert



The “Pool Vision” trophies were also awarded during this gala evening and Piscine and Aqualie Innovations award ceremony, in partnership with Archi-Europe Group. These trophies reward swimming pool projects that are aesthetically and technically remarkable in terms of construction, water treatment, coverings, accessories, spas, etc.

78 competing projects this year
(of which nine were selected by a jury of professionals and experts and 15 nominees presented) in three categories: Private pool / Public pool / Spa

The trophies are awarded to:


public pool

In the category Public pool
to PUBLIC POOL - Matthias Burkart - Germany








private pool

In the category Private pool
to PRIVATE POOL - Holger Mauerer - Germany








gabriel sibils & marta renom

In the category Spa
to Gabriel SIBILS & Marta RENOM - Spain