PWTAG Code of Practice consultationThe Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) is conducting a public consultation on its draft industry-wide code of practice on swimming pool water management.

The draft code of practice is based on the organisation’s authoritative book of guidelines, ‘Swimming Pool Water: treatment and quality standards for pools and spas’, and also incorporates developments since the book was published in 2009.

Anyone interested in contributing to the code of practice can read the draft document on the PWTAG website and submit their comments (see link below). The deadline for contributions is 16 September 2012.

PWTAG secretary Brian Guthrie comments: “Our book was the basis for a BSI code of practice for some years. Since this lapsed, the industry has lacked an authoritative basis, a prescription, for design, practice – and for training. The new CoP will provide this, with your help.”

For more information, and to submit comments on the draft, visit