Recreational Water IllnessesThe American National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) has announced the launch of the Recreational Water Illnesses online training course and handbook.

Designed to help pool professionals understand and prevent water-related illnesses, the course aims to ensure a safer environment for bathers. The NSPF says that public health officials, pool operators, aquatic managers, pool/spa service companies, suppliers and manufacturers will gain a comprehensive and detailed understanding of how to control Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs).

NSPF CEO Thomas M. Lachocki comments: “It is hard to get excited about rashes, diarrhoea and pneumonia. However, it is exciting when this field’s leading microbiologist, Roy Vore, PhD, composes a masterpiece to help us minimize those maladies.”

Director of Educational Programs at NSPF Alex Antoniou adds: “The online course provides convenient training with a dynamic learning experience that includes narration, images, video, and interactive activities, and a copy of the Recreational Water Illnesses handbook.”

The following topic areas are examined:


  •     Risk management and how it applies to RWIs
  •     Microbes and diseases
  •     Recreational Water Illnesses overview
  •     Gastrointestinal illnesses caused by micro-organisms; how outbreaks occur
  •     Increased risk facilities
  •     Dermal RWIs, infectious and non-infectious
  •     Distinguishing chemical and bacterial rashes
  •     Respiratory RWIs, infectious and non-infectious
  •     Other micro-organisms and diseases in aquatic settings
  •     Methods for routine control of RWIs
  •     Methods for remedial control of RWIs

The course costs $75.00 per student.

Registrants have access to the online training for six months once purchased and can retain the book as a long-term reference.

Participants can register for the Recreational Water Illnesses online training course at and click on online training, or email [email protected] for more information.