The André Prévot swimming pool, in Sedan, France, was opened to the public in April 2012. It was fitted with the "AngelEye" system, distributed in France by FuturaPlay.


Angeleye Sedan

The AngelEye safety system is designed to monitor swimmers in public pools.

It consists of a system that identifies dangerous situations and alerts supervising personnel rapidly and efficiently.


The data-processing system studies the behaviour of bathers in the pool to determine if the there is imminent danger.


The underwater camera records what is happening in the pool and the images are analysed by its software in real time. The lifeguards are able to monitor the activity within the pool thanks to its monitoring screen. In case there is a risk of drowning, the software triggers a portable buzzer and activates an alarm, which directs a lifeguard exactly to the spot in the pool where there is trouble.


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