Hexagone JOThe company has existed for over 25 years in the domain of public swimming pools.


According Yoann Chouraqui, Director General of the group Hexagon-Mabis, "As a result of equipping nearly 6 out of 10 pools in France, or about 60% of the market, our equipment has been recognized as being the most efficient and powerful of the marketplace, but it is, above all, our company and its team that are appreciated because of the unique relationship and experience that we strive to offer each of our customers. Numerous testimonials speak for us, for instance, the city councils of Paris, Marseille, Lille, Bordeaux, Lyon, etc. We are really proud to have been selected to clean the pool during the 2012 London Olympics and also four other Olympic swimming pools in the city.  In this selection we see a recognition of our expertise and the solutions that we offer with our wide range of products – from a hand-held vacuum cleaner for small swimming pools, to robotic cleaners with integrated timers for public swimming pools in sizes from 15/20m to the largest pools in the world - for instance, the pool in Melbourne, Australia (the third largest water surface in the world)".